Breeding to Domino

Domino stands at Summerduck Run Farm just outside Culpeper, Va. He is handled by Rosemary Thomas who has been working with horses at her farm for almost 30 years. She is an expert at getting mares in foal quickly, safely and without trauma.

Mares settle easily into the routine at Summerduck Run farm and are teased daily by Domino. They are bred when they are ready to be bred. No mares are ever forced bred. Our team of Veterinarians from Old Waterloo Equine Clinic are also equine reproductive experts. Dr. Helen Poland has been our vet for 19 years, and Dr. Tena Boyd's specialty is Equine Reproduction. At Summerduck Run Farm, these Vets will check your mare as needed to insure they are in season, ready to breed and have an excellent chance of getting in foal. In order to hold a pregnancy, some mares need extra attention-The vet team is there to ascertain this and take the necessary steps to assure you a healthy baby. Although this could be as minor as a shot immediately after breeding to flush the uterus, or a supplement administered in the feed, the results can get the problem breeder in foal. Mares may be sent to Rosemary at any time during their cycle, but will need a negative culture prior to breeding. This can be handled at Summerduck Run Farm. Most of the time a mare can be bred on the same heat cycle as the culture, but because we are at the mercy of the testing lab and some mares are only in season 3 days, it might shorten the mares stay to have this done prior to her arrival. The fee for mare care with or without foal is $15.00 per day. You will be responsible for all vet bills. Any special arrangements needed can be discussed with Rosemary. Please contact her directly at 540-825-6177.

If you prefer to not bring your mare to Summerduck Run Farm for breeding, we can ship semen. In order to ship you top quality semen, Domino is taken to Equine Reproduction Concepts Clinic. Here the semen is collected, evaluated, extended and antibiotics are added in preparation for shipping. It is then packed in an Equitainer and dispatched to the recipient mare. The cost of the first 2 collections is paid by us, and the shipping is paid by you. If you choose this method of breeding it is extremely important that you have a Vet working with you who is VERY knowledgeable in equine reproduction. If your vet is skilled and can determine accurately when your mare is going to ovulate, and your mare has no problems, she should get pregnant on the first shipment. Rarely are more than 2 shipments needed unless there are problems. Semen is usually shipped overnight for AM delivery. In some cases, it can be delivered same day.